Juva Skincare is Using Groundbreaking Fullerene Molecule for Skin Treatment

All of us struggle with skin problems. Most of it is because of aging and pollution. It is hard to find a proper Skincare treatment that will be lasting and effective. There are many skin care treatments out there, but one of the newest ones is Fullerene. This is an amazing skincare ingredient used in many skin treatments now.

Richard E. Smalley and Robert F. received the Nobel prize for discovering Fullerene’s element. It is a new class of all-carbon molecules shaped like hollow balls.

An element is responsible for skin damage like aging and acne. That element is a free radical. A free radical means it misses one additional electron or has an ion missing.

Initially, it is stable, but it loses the ion and becomes a free radical. Fullerene helps to control the free radicals in the skin and curb the skin damage.

Free radicals are destructive because these molecules are in an asymmetrical state. They take away electrons from surrounding cells so as to make a pair with its electrons and turn into a stable state. But Fullerene stabilizes them by loaning them ions. Hence, Fullerene neutralizes free radicals.

Fullerene is beneficial in treating many skin problems. It is a powerful antioxidant that helps treat sun damage to the skin. Fullerene neutralizes the free radicals that are generated from ultraviolet rays. It controls the formation of Tyrosinase and reduces Melanin production.

This element has also got anti-inflammatory and anti-acne properties. It helps with oil control. That’s why it is used to prevent acne and inflammation on the skin. Juva Skincare is one of the firsts to use Fullerene treatments. Fullerene treatment seems capable and is becoming popular now.

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