6 Ways to Earn Side Income to Crush Debt in 2020

Debt is like a terrible cold that you can’t get rid of… soon as you think it’s better, it comes right back! When you’re trying to combat debt, you can easily pick up a second job waiting tables or in retail, but the best side hustles are jobs that you can start really quick and are flexible, allowing you to work on your own schedule.

A good start would be to look for side gigs that tap into the talents and skill sets you already have. If you were great at writing papers in college, you could totally look into freelance work. That’s a job that allows you the freedom of flexibility to work on your own schedule and you can set your own price for your work.

Now, before you jump into working these side gigs, a crucial part of getting out of debt is figuring out and coming to grips with what got you into debt in the first place. It’s important to learn this information so that you won’t make those same mistakes once you start earning extra income… it would be a shame for you to start making extra money and still be in debt due to repeating the same bad spending habits.

The other key to getting out of debt is figuring out the reasons why you want to get out of debt. Is it student loans you want to pay down? Are you wanting to pay things off to boost your credit score to get approved for a car or house? Let those reasons be the motivation behind your work ethic.

Once you’ve figured out what got you into debt and established why you want to get out of debt, the next steps are to actively get yourself out of debt! Take a look at these side gigs that will help you start your 2020 off the right way.

Clean Houses

This may sound simple enough, but there are people who hate cleaning up their home. This is the perfect opportunity to capitalize on that aspect. The key here would be to get your name out there. You can start out with family first, letting them see the quality of work you do, then get them to tell their friends about the work you do. You can also print out flyers (it’s not expensive to get copies printed) and go to some of the upscale neighborhoods to offer your services.

Play Music for Churches and Bars

If you are a talented musician, whether it be on the guitar, drums, or piano, monetize on your talent! After all, you don’t just have that talent for nothing, right? Try contacting some of your local churches to see if they need musicians. Take a stroll in your city’s downtown area and bar hop to see if they need weekend musicians. This will not only put music in your pocket, but it could potentially be the start to your music career! You never know who may be watching!

Become a Personal Trainer

If you’re someone who takes health and fitness very seriously, becoming a personal trainer would be a great route for you to take when wanting to earn additional income. One of the ways people become personal trainers is due to receiving compliments.

Some people get compliments all the time on their physique or see them drinking a shake and ask what it is. If you’ve had any of these types of moments when working out, then you need to consider personal training.

This could be a huge money-maker for you, especially if people are asking you about what you eat and drink! That could open the door to meal planning services and recipes that you could give people… for a fee!

Become a Mystery Shopper

Businesses are always looking for ways to improve their stores overall quality of service in their stores. As a mystery shopper, your responsibility is to go into various stores, make a purchase, and then report on your experience.

You can notate how knowledgeable the employees were on the products and services of the store, how long it took for an employee to ask if you needed help and the cleanliness of the store. You typically get reimbursed for the product you purchased and get to keep that item, and you can receive compensation for your services as well, it just depends on the company you go through.

Create Your Personal Blog

A great way to monetize off of your passions is through creating a blog. If you’re big into fitness, it would be a no-brainer to create your own fitness blog. You can enhance your website with free stock photos, share meal replacement recipes, and even share your story of how you got into fitness.

People love stories of then and now, especially when it comes to losing weight. When people read stories like that it becomes motivation to them and puts them in a mindset of “if they can do it, so can I.”

Ultimately, with fitness blogs, the overall goal is to inspire and motivate, so if your blog can do that, then that can also open the door to selling your fitness advice. This is of course just one of the many content marketing tactics that you should be using in 2020.

Become a Sitter

Whether it’s an elderly person who lives alone or lives in a nursing home or assisted living facility, they don’t always need to be by themselves, whether it’s due to certain health conditions or because the family just wants them to have company.

Your responsibilities as a sitter vary, but for the most part, sitters are there for supporting an able-bodied elderly person. You sometimes will need to assist them in getting dressed, preparing food, and sometimes with light laundry duties.

The fact that they’re able-bodied means that you typically don’t have to do too much… you’re usually there for the company. You might even gain a friend in the process! The pay for this type of position also varies depending on the company you go through, but it is a rewarding way to earn extra money.

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