VGTel Merger with Strategic Healthcare Alliances Expects to Generate Significant Revenue & Profits

VGTel, Inc. has announced its merger with Strategic Healthcare Alliances, LLC and it is expected to yield a lot of revenue & profits. Strategic Healthcare Alliances, LLC, is a primary care physician practice acquisition and management company that carries out its business in New York City.

As per the available information, the first membership aggregation will result in the generation of over $100 million in care management revenues.

Kerry A. McDonald is named as the new CEO of both VGTeL Inc. and Strategic Healthcare Alliances, LLC.

He has got an impressive resume that highlights his more than 20 years of experience at the executive management level in the healthcare sector. He has a BA in Finance and also an MS degree in Analytics and Knowledge Management from Notre Dame of Maryland University.

Mark Newbauer, the former CEO of VGTeL Inc., and Kerry McDonald, the current CEO of VGTeL INc. have appreciated the merger move. According to the former, this decision will be beneficial for all stakeholders and it will help them earn a huge profit on their investment.

The motive of Strategic Healthcare Alliances, LLC is to leverage the relationships of its management teams in order to implement its mission.

Strategic Healthcare Alliances, LLC comprises a managed care management team of several health plan executives, CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CMOs, and VP level executives. By interacting with their health plan counterparts, it will show its experience in managing the cost of care and securing global risk contacts in order to generate significant revenue for each member.

The generation of revenue is expected to double the company’s EBDITA.

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