Kramer Advertising: How Graham Kramer is Kickstarting Businesses

More and more companies today are seeking the help of digital marketing agencies to grow their businesses. With tech taking over, the vast majority of the population uses social media and online platforms on a regular basis. In order to capitalize on the millions of daily social media users, digital agencies such as Graham Kramer’s Kramer Advertising are using modern marketing tactics to expose businesses to the online world.

Graham Kramer founded his business after recognizing how fast social media was growing, and saw the need for agencies specializing in more modern digital marketing. With traditional media losing traction, Graham was able to quickly find success marketing on the more popular platforms. Graham and his team at Kramer Advertising are able to grow brands and businesses to the point of world-wide recognition, and the client roster speaks for itself.

Graham has worked with MTV, Rolling Loud, Allergen, and an array of popular DJs. Gaining household names as clients is no easy feat, and is a testimony to the effectiveness of Graham and his team’s abilities. Above all, Graham loves seeing his clients grow and meet their goals, and he shows no signs of slowing down the growth of his successful business.

You can find Graham on Instagram here:

You can contact Kramer Advertising via email at:

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