The Devil Better Watch His Back when EDTHATSMYCUP Hits the Mic

It’s sometimes hard to know what’s real and what a show in today’s world is. Plenty of people out there put on a good front, but go home to their mommy’s when the day is done. So it’s particularly refreshing when you find someone who keeps it real 24/7.

And that’s exactly why you’ll find when you dive into “Dancin’ with the Devil” from EDTHATSMYCUP. Nothing but real, straight talk direct from the hip hop artist.

With smooth beats that stick in your head and get your body swaying, EDTHATSMYCUP delivers an understated performance, giving the listener a melodic ride that swings from beat to beat and bar to bar.

“They say the sky’s the limit. I’m passed that,” raps EDTHATSMYCUP. And surely, he’s about to blow passed any wannabe rappers out there. And that’s just one line in a song that strikes a balance between bravado and confession.

And it’s that realness that seems to drive his listeners wild. With over 100,000 listens on Spotify, “Dancin’ with the Devil,” is well on its way to becoming a hip hop favorite for 2020. EDTHATSMYCUP’s already earned a significant following online, and it’s no surprise when he comes at you with fresh lyrics, clean beats, and catchy, melodic samples. 

Speaking of music, props should also go out to EDTHATSMYCUP’s production quality. His sound is compressed, not over the top, perfectly designed to highlight EDTHATSMYCUP’s charged words. 

But most importantly, EDTHATSMYCUP doesn’t pull any punches. He tells you who he is and he doesn’t back down from it. When he makes a promise, he follows through, and shows others what it’s like to walk in his shoes. There’s no sugarcoating things, and it’s no doubt his unapologetic style that draws listeners in and leaves them wanting more.

If it’s EDTHATSMYCUP dancing with the devil, then the devil definitely needs to watch his back.

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