Birthday Parties are now Becoming a Virtual Affair due to the Lockdown

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The governments across the world have issued orders to stay home and stay safe. Coronavirus is playing havoc everywhere. The number of cases keeps on increasing, and the virus is spreading like wildfire. In such a situation, it is hard to get out of home, and it is also ill-advised.

So, all those who have birthdays coming up are stuck inside their homes. All the Tauruses will probably be unable to celebrate their birthday parties.

But as the lockdown extends, people are finding new ways to make lockdown the new normal. People are following the rules of lockdown and still having their birthday parties. They are hosting virtual birthday parties where they can celebrate without physical contact.

People are using the video conferencing app Zoom as a platform to host birthday parties. They are sending out invites created with the help of various sites like paperless posts, as well as sending out birthday gifts through the ecommerce sites that are still functional, thanks to the contactless delivery. And owing to this, many people are browsing 18th birthday gift ideas to give to their friends who are turning 18 during this lockdown in order to make that memorable.

Other than the invites, gifts, and the video conferencing, people are also asking the invitees to follow the dress code. Rather than sitting at the front of the Webcam in pajamas, people are playing dress up and attending the virtual parties.

For the older generation, virtual parties can be hosted without cake and gifts, but the kids love a good cake and a pile of presents. That’s why invitees are going ahead and sending gifts. And people are also contacting the local bakeries to deliver the cakes.

In these dire times, it is better to find little things to celebrate than to wallow in grief. That’s what many people are doing, and they are hosting virtual parties to feel normal.

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