Bryce Cleveland: How One Man Started Thousands of Careers

Bryce Cleveland has built his business as a vehicle of success for entrepreneurs around the world. His company Scalpa not only offers a variety of beauty and aesthetic products, but also a plethora of online lessons and certifications for beauty and aesthetic procedures. The best part is that the company offers their courses for only a fraction of the cost of a traditional education.

Scalpa’s foundation is the successful community of beauty entrepreneurs they have built through their education programs. Bryce calls it his “community of success”. To this day, Scalpa has enabled over 35,000 individuals to start a career in the industry. “[The most rewarding part of my job is] watching people who had nothing at first join Scalpa and gain massive success. Not just with money, but their mindset, newfound freedom, and their self-respect.”

Bryce and his team at Scalpa say that in the future they hope to launch education programs that tap into a variety of industries. Through their courses, Bryce hopes to bring something to the table for everybody, and allow any person to find something they can tap into and grow success with. For now, the company continues to expand its collection on online products and material.

You can find Bryce on Instagram here:

You can visit the Scalpa website here:

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