Using Large Spaces in your Homes Effectively

If you happen to have a large space in your home like a large basement or a large hall on one of the upper floors of your house, you are really lucky if you use this space effectively as a living area instead of using it to store things you do not use frequently.

You can in fact, demarcate different sections and assign each of them for a different purpose. Some such sections could be as mentioned here:

1. Reading Area:

If the hall happens to be on one of the upper floors of your house, you can set up a little reading area or study area for kids as well as grown-ups. One can set up an ensemble of reading chairs and a regular chair and table along with a shelf or cupboard for placing books and other things. The table can preferably be placed near a wall with plugs for charging laptops and other gadgets.

2. Workstation or Home Office:

If you happen to work from home frequently or are a freelancer, you can set up your work zone away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house. Set this up near a wall with plugs to provide electricity for your gadgets. Get a large table, suitable chairs and you are good to go. If you set it up facing the window, even better. Adorn the window with light and beautiful curtains and a little non bulky wind chime.

3. Exercise Zone:

You can place mats and other equipment in a section of the hall to meet your daily exercise requirements. With windows for ventilation and a portable music system to give you the environment of a professional fitness class, you can use this area to ramp up your mood as well as improve your fitness.

4. General Storage Area:

You can place shelves, trunks or cupboards in this section to place the objects that you do not require much, or need to place aside for the season. Place beautiful covers atop your trunks, shelves and cupboards and make them look a little different. E.g., for wooden shelves use light colored covers which are lightly embellished, for a contrast.

5. Leisure activity area:

You might have a large piano that you need space to place in. Or have other objects that you use for recreational purposes. You can place all such things in a section and use the area for pursuing a hobby or simply learning something new. You can place indoor games, e.g., a large carrom board or any other board game, here for you and your children, along with suitable seating arrangement. For dance lovers, one can set up a music system and set aside some space for dancing or aerobics.

6. General Living Area:

You can simply set up a general living area to provide seating for general activities like sewing, reading, routine tasks or simply to catch a quick nap, with a diwan or a little sofa or a rocking chair, placing them on beautiful rugs or mats or a little

carpet. You can adorn the area according to a theme, e.g., floral with floral covers and flowers in vases or hung on the wall in baskets; Mediterranean using a scheme of colors that reflect the look of homes on Mediterranean islands. In case you do not have a diwan or a spare set of sofas but have a large mattress or an ensemble of multiple small mattresses, you can cover them with a beautiful king size bed sheet, choosing colour and design according to the theme you have chosen for the space.

You can add to this list of ideas and use such spaces for a multitude of purposes, and not leave it as a space to put furniture and other stuff that you can not place elsewhere inside your house. Jaipur fabric wishes that you have a beautiful decorating experience and make good use of the space!

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