Digital Names IO- The Easy Solution For Digital Banking During COVID-19

Have you tried to reach your bank lately during the coronavirus shutdown?

With bank reps largely stationed at homes, American Banks have come to a virtual standstill.

A routine call to talk to a customer representative at Citibank now entails at least 2 hours of hold time, and that’s if you’re lucky.

Yes, we know COVID-19 is crippling, but is this really the best financial support we can have.

According to one notable financial markets guru, there is a better solution within grasp.

Leading Fintech pioneer and financial markets futurist Thomas Carter along with the renown advisory house Deal Box have developed a streamline solution- called Digital Names– that enables consumers to take their financial security and transaction capacity into their own hands.

Digital Names is a simplified digital wallet that encompasses all of your various payment portals and processors (from bank wires to paypal, zelle, venmo, and more) that allows you to bring all of your financial operations under one roof- conveniently named after you (like a website domain).

So the hypothetical John Smith could acquire the digital name JohnSmith$ through Digital Names that would serve as his central digital wallet address.

He would be able to instantly access it at any time, retrieve and view all of his financial data in one place, and have all of his transactions and assets protected by the ultra fortified blockchain technology.

Furthermore with a popular (ie. valuable) digital name, John Smith’s digital name would experience asset valuation, a feat that none of today’s payment portals are capable of.

Pretty cool right?

Well the shift to a decentralized internet and digitized wallets is coming soon.

According to Carter “our best estimate is that 10’s of thousands of people are using these products today. In 2-3 years time, that number will be in the millions and in in 5 plus years that number will be in the 10’s or 100’s of millions”

And the current COVID-19 epidemic is a major catalyst for this shift. Any lay individual who has been stone walled in trying to access their finances during this hard time can certainly agree and should definitely look into the easy alternative Digital Names has to offer.

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