Studies Show People are not Sleeping and Dealing with a lot of Stress During this Coronavirus Pandemic

Many global studies have highlighted that a lot of people are facing sleeping disorders and stress problems during the coronavirus pandemic. Especially, the youngsters and old age people with a previous history of anxiety and panic attacks are experiencing a deterioration in their mental health. As the news of deaths and COVID-19 infections are coming from every corner of the world, an atmosphere of panic as well as fear is created in the minds of people.

Moreover, the spread of fake news has also contributed to spreading the misinformation about this deadly disease. The loss of income, jobs, and business revenue is another reason for the rising stress in the minds of people. It has been observed that people suffering from anxiety and stress issues are consulting psychiatrists online using telehealth services. And the use of CBD for anxiety reduction is becoming a common thing due to the rising awareness about its benefits in coping with stress or anxiety.

The demand for green angel CBD products is on the rise as a high volume of people are making use of CBD for stress disorders and sleeping problems. In New York, the sale of CBD products is on the rise and the company Green Angel CBD is enjoying huge demand. The online business provides 100% CBD products and it is shipping all essential CBD products in all the 50 states of the US.

It is clear from the currently available statistics that the total number of the US coronavirus cases has reached near the mark of 6 lakhs to date. And a total of over 22,000 deaths have been reported in various states of the US. The country is experiencing the menace of COVID-19 more intensely than any other nation in the world that is evident from the highest number of deaths in the US.

As the total number of COVID-19 cases is rising at a constant rate, old age people are experiencing a lot of stress and hence they are developing the condition of insomnia. It is observed that increasing awareness about the effectiveness of CBD for stress and other mental disorders, is booming the demand for CBD products. It is being advised to such sensitive people not to watch the news and just focus on taking precautionary measures.

Governments across the world have launched mobile apps in order to spread awareness about COVID-19 spread and tackle the disease with the support of citizens. In addition to this, the work of spreading the authentic information on COVID-19 is being done via news channels, newspapers, and other advertisements from health departments of countries.

All the efforts are being made by governments at various levels to help people calm down and live a peaceful time during their quarantine period. Different family members are spending their time with their loved ones and sharing their thoughts in order to bring positivity to their lives. A lot of people are engaging in playing video games with their friends to feel good and ward-off any negativity from their minds.

In addition to this, people are taking part in yoga, meditation, and home workout to bust stress as well as anxiety. According to health experts and psychologists, things will take some time to become normal. And until the situation doesn’t normalize, an atmosphere of panic and fear will continue to harm anxious people

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