Safety Measures are Being Taken by Food Delivery Services in Dubai During the Lockdown Period

A Dubai based survey has highlighted that necessary safety measures are being taken by different food delivery services while delivering food during the lockdown period introduced due to the spread of COVID-19. As people are working from home or spending their time with their loved ones, they are ordering delicious food to enjoy their time. Many food restaurants have started offering food delivery services to people at doorsteps.

WildFire by Doors is a new food delivery arm of the fine dining restaurant, Doors Freestyle Grill introduced with the motive to offer exciting dishes to people at their doors. All the delicious international fusion cuisines are being offered by Wildfire by Doors for delivery service in Dubai. Apart from providing exciting dining experience to everyone, it is ensuring the safety of customers to prevent them from falling a victim to COVID-19.

It is being observed that Dubai based food delivery services have been strictly following contactless drop-offs to ensure high safety of customers. Even many such services are refraining from charging any delivery food to boost their business during the COVID-19 lockdown period. Delivery boys are maintaining the required gap between them and receivers to follow the delivery guidelines suggested by food delivery companies.

Moreover, it has been seen that people are also taking the necessary precautions on their behalf and choosing only the restaurants popular for hygienic practices. Doors Freestyle Grill, Dubai’s hottest fine-dining destination has launched its new delivery service Wildfire by Doors. And it is ensuring a fine dining experience for people by providing exciting and delicious food items at their doorsteps.

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