Altibase is Providing Cost-Effective and High Performance Database Solutions in the Telecommunications Industry

Altibase, an enterprise grade open source database company has been into the news for providing cost-effective and high-performance hybrid database solutions in the telecommunications industry. Recently, it signed a contract with MobiCom, the largest telecommunications company based in Mongolia. Altibase is noted for its in-memory database capabilities that ensure the high throughput with low latency.

Over the last few years, it has made revolutionary changes in its database solutions due to which it enjoys customers from across the world. Various mega telcos namely, China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicorn, KT, SKT, and LG Uplus are using Altibase database solutions. And Mongolian telecommunication giant, MobiCom is also engaged with Altibase for its database solutions.

MobiCom, the largest and the first telecommunication operator based in Mongolia has also opted for Altibase database solutions for storing data related to its business such as international calls, the internet, and satellite communications. MobiCom signed a contact with Altibase as there is no requirement for purchasing separate caching solutions for enterprises. And MobiCom can easily adopt and utilize Altibase’s traditional relational principles and paradigms.

Altibase database has got hybrid architecture that combines an in-memory database with a disk-resident database into a single unified engine. And there is no need to purchase the two disparate databases separately. In comparison to other database vendors, Altibase provides flexible and cost advantages database solutions due to which lots of telecommunications companies are approaching it from across the world.

Altibase, an enterprise grade open source database provides database-related TCO down and it also improves performance and stability. One of the major reasons for its rising demand is that it doesn’t have any license cost. Moreover, paying the subscription fees is optional and the amount varies according to clients’ IT budget by taking into consideration the specific DB needs and requirements.

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