Coronavirus Pandemic is Leading to a Rise in the Demand for Protective Face Masks

A global survey has highlighted that the demand for corona proof face masks has been rising like never before and it is simply due to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases across the world. Governments from all over the world are requesting their citizens to take all the necessary precautions for preventing the spread of this deadly virus.

In addition to buying face masks from online or offline medical stores, people are also wearing self-made face masks to remain safe. The demand for kn95 mask and kf94 mask has been rising across the world. Even, the governments are importing face masks from other parts of the world to ensure corona prevention on a large scale.

In spite of taking the appropriate measures for preventing the COVID-19 infection, governments are finding it really difficult to put a check on the spread of this infection. At present, the total number of coronavirus infected people has crossed the mark of 12.5 lakhs and around 70,000 deaths have been reported all across the world. And this number of cases has been increasing at a constant speed and no one knows when it would cease to increase.

Due to the rising demand for corona prevention face masks, a lot of companies and startups have come forth in order to supply the adequate number of face masks to meet the required need. Moreover, the health ministries of different nations are continuously appealing to their respective citizens in order to cover their faces with home-made face masks made of clothes.

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