People are Buying Home Security Systems for Protection and not Possession

The new, wireless home security systems that includes cameras, remote controls and sensors are useless according to Capt. Matt Benson, Wabash Police Department public information officer, if the owner does not know how to operate it. And correctly so, as the market is flooded with new technology. But how many of the house owners are getting themselves familiar with the new system?

Last few years have seen these home security systems become more sophisticated, small in size but more powerful and having higher quality. But the house owners are buying and installing them more as possessions over understanding them as security systems to protect their family. And that is a sorry state of affair.

The owners need to get effective systems that they can use and rely more on the features than on the price of the system. Before the purchase is made it is necessary to evaluate and understand how many of the features they are buying are essential, usable and how many are just for fashion and trend purpose.

The local law enforcement officials say that the pros and cons of the system should be weighed before a purchase is made. There are certain systems like Ring (offered by Amazon) that gives professional monitoring of the house whereas a system like Honeywell Smart Home Security system does not.

Also pay attention to the camera feature of the system. The quality, placement and operation of the cameras is key in the security system. Benson says that cameras are a huge help to a homeowner/ business and law enforcement. He says they may not prevent the crime, but cameras provide law enforcement with video documentation of the suspect.

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