The Religious Book, Hidden Identity Of Blacks In The Bible: Israel is in Africa, is now Available on Amazon

The religion book titled Hidden Identity of Blacks in the Bible is available on Amazon and it has been written to make Israelites aware of their religion, culture, as well as other important details. It is a little difficult for a common person to find it using a simple search and one needs to type ‘Jeremiah Jael’ into the search box on

The author, Jeremiah Israel has also been making available all his religious books on the online platform, This website is a one-stop precept shop of resources for newbie Israelites to help them gain an understanding of Israel in a detailed fashion. Through the book series, For Israelites By Israelites, the author is helping new and studied Israelites discover about the secret weapons, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

The book, Hidden Identity of Blacks in the Bible: Proof Israel is in Africa, has already started enjoying a huge demand among Israeli people living across the world. A lot of Israelites have been searching for this book on Amazon and it is receiving a positive response from them. In all his books available under the book series, the author has tried to make every Israelite acquainted with the culture of Israel.

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