Coronavirus Scare has been Leading to an Enormous Increase in the Sale of N95 Masks

A global survey has highlighted that coronavirus scare has been leading to an increase in the sale of N95 masks across the world. Even, a shortage in the availability of N95 masks has been noticed in different parts of the world. And due to this shortage, a hike in the prices of N95 masks is being seen in different countries.

Started in the December month in the Wuhan region of China, the coronavirus spread has taken a severe form in today’s time. Earlier, it came into the news as an ‘outbreak’ then it was declared ‘epidemic’ by the World Health Organization. Due to the widespread of this deadly virus, the WHO has declared it a ‘pandemic’. A lot of online shops have been selling N95 masks in order to make available the best possible products to keep themselves safe.

Although medical experts have only recommended the global travelers and daily commuters to wear a mask when they go in public, other categories of people are also ordering it for daily use. As coronavirus spreads due to the release of droplets from the mouth of an infected person, it is being highly recommended by medical experts to cover the face with a coronavirus Protection Mask.

Until now, the total number of coronavirus deaths has crossed the mark of 4,000 and nearly 1,18,000 people have got infected due to it across the globe. People are being advised to take necessary precautions including wearing masks while moving outside their homes. And this has been boosting the sale of N95 masks from different online shopping platforms.

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