Meet Money Pug One of the Fastest Growing UK Price Comparison Sites

Loyalty and easing one’s life are qualities that make pugs such attractive pets, earning them the coveted spot of man’s best friend. It is no wonder they have worked their way into the hearts of millions of UK citizens. Money Pug, one of the UK’s largest price comparison websites, true to its namesake, has applied this winning approach to its operations and the results have been incredibly positive so far. But what exactly is it that Money Pug brings to the consumer’s table?

Money Pug is a comprehensive comparison platform supporting a wide array of services. Below are some of the other services which you can compare on the site:

  • Insurance services including car, travel, pet, home and life insurance
  • Mobile phones
  • Cheap holidays
  • Prepaid cards
  • Broadband deals
  • Mortgages
  • Energy


Proven Expertise

The primary advantage with Money Pug is the expertise behind the company. Money Pug is backed by a team of experts led by mastermind and genius Lee Whitbread. Whitbread is a business degree holder who has proven his aptitude for the field by propelling several family businesses to the zenith of success in his early life. He achieved this through a combination of strategic ecommerce marketing, and shrewd assessment of market needs and trends.

This business magnate has accumulated a wealth of experience in both business strategy and the online world throughout his life and has poured it all into the creation of a truly magnificent business entity-Money Pug.  A philanthropist at heart, Whitbread intends to allocate a good proportion of the company’s revenue to charitable organizations.

Money Pug Puts Clients First

The Consumer is king in the world of price comparison and the team at Money Pug is very aware of this. In this age of information overload and almost infinite options it is easy for consumers to become overwhelmed as they navigate the internet. Because they understand this dilemma, Money Pug puts the consumers’ needs first. Their primary goal is to ensure that each client enjoys the convenience of making important shopping decisions in a safe and reliable online space. Though Money Pug is not a lender, it does a great job at helping you access funding from a suitable lender. Unlike other brokerage services that work from the lender’s perspective, this one places the customer first. As such, instead of having various lenders assess your eligibility and choose whether or not to give you an offer, it lets you assess lenders and choose the best one.

While many price comparison sites focus on one niche such as insurance or holiday packages, Money Pug breaks the mold by offering them all. Forget about being overwhelmed by the vast options in front of you, Money Pug has found a way to make it easy for you to find the right fit for your pocket and needs.

For companies that want to list their offerings on Money Pug, the market exposure is simply phenomenal. Money Pug has a huge online following, with over 100,000 visits to its online platforms monthly, a number which is growing exponentially. This popularity is expected to multiply as the team continues to implement Whitbread’s shrewd business expansion plans. This translates into greater visibility and consequently exponential company growth.

Consumers who use Money Pug are empowered to make informed purchasing decisions. They also get to avoid the hassle associated with the time consuming task of gathering information on competing brands and comparing them. Excessive browsing, telephone calls, physical travel and the interpretation of complicated technical jargons are averted and the energy and time saved can be used for other purposes.

In addition to all this Money Pug is trustworthy and reliable. The information it provides is accurate and therefore reliable.  Customers interested in the financial products offered on the platform will be pleased to know that Money Pug is registered with the FCA and that all the financial entities on its platform are registered with the FCA.

Clearly Money Pug brings a lot to the table. Millions of UK citizens have discovered this and hundreds of thousands more are on the verge of discovering what Money Pug can do for them.

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