The Tax Season for Filing 2019 Returns is now Open

There has been quite a buzz about the tax season this year. And finally the IRS welcomes online filing of tax returns for the 2019 season. All those who are eligible for taxes are requested to file for the taxes online by going to their portal.

They should ready their documentations. All the documentations include W2, 1099, and 1098 forms. These forms are the most important, and must be available. You can import W2 from TurboTax and H&R Block. Moreover, a person must mention if they have already made any donations to charity throughout the year. The government also advised married couples to file for the taxes jointly.

This is in the case of married couples with children for the returns of parents tax. Any parents under the age of 24 can also be filed the parent’s tax. So it is better to be informed before hand about any such obligations.

The tax department wants to make sure that the tax filed is relevant and no point is missed. And the married couple can either claim their child is a student, or a child that stays at home.

The Liberty Tax General Manager, Shelby Dahl, said that they are helpful to those who are about  to file for tax. She said – “We do help make sure we get all of those different points that could be missed on a return.”  She claims that they are happy to help out anyone filing a tax return. The last date of filing for tax for the season of 2019 is April 15th.

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