Research Reveals the Transcription Services that will Take Over 2020

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Transcription is taking over the digital world. Everyone wants to translate their audios and videos into text form. That is the general rule of Content. If you have it in one format, make sure it is available in all. That’s why more and more companies are taking the help of transcription services. Here are a few of them that will make a difference in 2020.

Scribie is one of the most popular transcription services. It charges $0.80 per minute of clean American accent audio. But it charges an extra of $0.50 for audios with less clarity. The turnaround time is only 36 hours. And this is for the manual transcription, which is 99% accurate. However, for less important audios, there are automatic services provided by Scribie.

Transcription US is another popular platform providing the online transcription services. They are becoming famous for providing transcription services as per the user requirement. It provides the audio and video transcription services to corporates, insurance companies, educational institutions, entertainment firms, and many more.

Other than these 2, there is iscribe that has excellent transcription service. Its rate is $0.89 per minute, but there is an extra $0.20 per minute charge for verbatim or timestamped. Moreover, it offers a faster turnaround time than Scribie – 48 hours. That is a huge difference. Iscribe also offers complimentary services like subtitles and content writing services.

Rev is another transcription service platform that offers quite a low error rate. It does not have the fastest turn around time in the industry, but its low error rate is its USP. Moreover, it charges the same for video and audio files; it is $1 per minute for audio as well as video files.

There are other transcription services like Temi and TranscribeMe, which provide quality transcription services at affordable prices. All these transcription services are bound to take over 2020.

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