Here is all you Need to Know about Royalty Free Music

stevepb / Pixabay is a familiar site to those who understand the meaning and the beauty of royalty free music. This kind of music is available to business owners at a fair price and full rights are acquired after payment. The need for marketing videos and the love that most people have for music make royalty free music a necessity.

The Meaning

Royalty free music is paid for just once and the buyer does not need to pay royalties to the owner. The license is acquired once the fee is paid and the buyer evades the need to negotiate with licensing companies. Even though the music payment is done once, the buyer is able to use the music as many times as they need on their videos.

Music that is availed as royalty free does not follow the usual licensing criteria. Also, if someone buys it to use in their marketing videos, they gain all the rights as the new owner. No matter how many times the music is used, the original artist does not get any royalties. Another thing to note is that there are both paid and free royalty free music.

Free Royalty free Music

This refers to music that is available for free. Anyone in need of music to use on their personal and commercial projects can get it without paying a cent. For music to be classified as free royalty free music, the artist must have registered it under an appropriate license. This means those in need of the music should know where to find it. The two blocks of license that carry free royalty-free music are:

  • Public Domain Music

All the music that is under the public domain is not copyrighted and is therefore available for use by all. Anyone can download and use that music for their own projects without paying any money to the owner. There are no reservation rights attached to such music hence their use and distribution are unlimited.

Interested parties are free to use and even interpret the music on the public domain. Even though the original music has no reservation rights, anyone who interprets the music gains those rights.  Making derivatives of work that existed in the public domain does not require permission from the original owner.

  • Music Protected by Free Licenses

Unlike public domain music which is freely available to all for whatever use, music protected by free licenses has conditions. The artists who put their music under this license establish various limitations. They decide what happens upon distribution, reproduction and even copying of their music. Anyone who wants to have this music for their personal projects must adhere to the set license regulations.

For instance, even though the music is freely reproduced, the one using it is required to give credit to the original owner. Attributing to the artist is a way of making them more popular even though the user has not paid any money for the music. This way, both the artist and the one who downloads the music for personal use will benefit.

There are four conditions that determine how music under this license is protected. These are non-derivative works, attribution, non-commercial and share-alike. These conditions become the limiting factors to the use of such music for personal commercial projects.

Paid Royalty free Music

This kind of music is actually bought but no royalties are paid to the owner. In other words, the amount paid in purchase for such music excludes taxation fees. Some people will argue that they would rather go for completely free music. However, sometimes free things end up not being the best in terms of quality.

Paid royalty free music is usually of high-quality sound. It is also paid for once and for all and the use is unlimited. The buyer also does not need to attribute to the owner since once they buy the music they acquire the rights to the same.

Final Remarks

The term royalty-free often confuses some people who think that all the music is completely free. Some choose free music while others prefer the paid royalty free music. The points discussed here are useful for anyone who is considering this category of music for their personal and commercial projects.

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