World Cancer Day: Nayati Healthcare doctor participates in awareness program by Prasar Bharati

Dr (Prof) Santanu Chadhuri from Nayati Healthcare answered the listeners’ questions about cancer during a special broadcast.

Mathura-based Nayati Healthcare is known for transforming the region’s medical facilities through its participation in a large number of public welfare programs aimed at creating awareness against various ailments. Adding to Nayati’s efforts was its oncology specialist Dr Santanu Chaudhuri participating in a cancer awareness program on radio broadcasted by Prasar Bharati.

Dr Chaudhuri, who is the Chairman Nayati Cancer Centre, participated in Prasar Bharati’s special program – “Nayati Medicity – Hello Doctor!” – on the occasion of World Cancer Day on February 4. He discussed in great detail about the symptoms, prevention, diagnosis and treatment for cancer.

During the program, the Nayati Healthcare cancer expert mentioned that as many as 11 lakh to 12 lakh cancer cases are diagnosed annually in India, out of which about 16 per cent are registered in Uttar Pradesh alone – making the state ‘cancer centre of India’. Dr Chaudhuri also elaborated upon the various types of cancer found in men and women.

According to the Nayati Cancer Centre Chairman, it is important to have the right dose of radiation and chemotherapy, along with follow ups, to beat cancer successfully. He also emphasized upon the early detection of cancer, since it can not only save a person’s life, but also lowers the chance of recurrence.

“Patients often come to us only when it’s too late. A large number of people believe that getting a biopsy done will only spread the disease. This is a huge misconception which often keeps people from seeking proper treatment. In reality, biopsy is performed only to determine the presence of cancerous cells and their nature. It can, in no way, lead to the spread of the disease,” explained Dr Chaudhuri during the special program.

The special cancer awareness program broadcasted by Prasar Bharati, in association with Nayati Medicity, received great response from the local audience. Several people called the radio station to get their doubts about cancer clarified by the cancer expert during the live program.

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