N-95 Respirators are the Best Way to Prevent from Getting Infected with Coronavirus

Coronavirus is wreaking havoc in China. And because of it ,200 are dead and 9000 are already infected. It is a deadly combination of common cold and SARS. So everyone around China is extremely cautious. Now, the disease is slowly spreading across the continent. And people are looking for ways to prevent the disease. The best way to avoid it is by using N-95 respirators.

N-95 respirators are standard respirators manufactured by many reputed companies. They get their name from the fact that they prevent 95% of the airborne virus from entering your respiratory system. It is effective against the coronavirus. But you can only utilize it fully by practicing another habit. Washing hands regularly and using the respirator is a great way to prevent the coronavirus from entering your system.

The widespread panic from the disease is letting people loose their calm. People are buying medical masks online. And even Walmart and Amazon are out of face masks and surgical masks now. The best way to get an N-95 face mask is to go to your nearest drug store and buy one.

Other face masks or normal respirators are used to prevent the spilling of liquids, saliva from one mouth to others. People in polluted cities also use these face masks in case of smog and air pollution. These face masks do well when the airborne particles are large. But with the minuscule virus, traditional respirators don’t work.

N-95 respirators do the trick. Even the CDC recommended people in China to use N-95 respirators. If you don’t have a respirator, a surgical face mask or even a scarf will suffice. Any bind that obstructs the virus from entering your system is welcome.

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