has Emerged as a Platform to Connect Brands and Influencers under the Same Umbrella

Influencers can connect with the audience on a daily basis and sell a product efficiently and creatively by creating content that suits their audience as well as the brand. The brands have understood this efficiency resulting in the rise of Influencer marketing with big margin all over the world. A study conducted by MediaKix in 2019 shares that 89% of marketers say the ROI from influencer marketing can not only be compared to other well established marketing channels, but in some cases, have surpassed the channels to reach the brand audience efficiently.

Sociplex experts thus found a need of a platform in industry where a list of these YouTube influencers can be circulated according to their category. This will also ensure that the content generated is delivered on time and with good quality. The platform was launched in 2019 and while we have just entered the year 2020 the platform has become quite a rage and popular among the brands as well as the marketers. Seeing the popularity, this YouTube Influencer promo platform is expecting to spread like wild fire in the coming year and the years ahead.

The platform provides YouTubers with 5,000 or more subscribers. And already more than 100,000 influencers have been thoroughly checked and archived to date. Sociplex covers almost all the categories including auto, vehicles, beauty, fashion, comedy, technology as well as education. The categories and the list of influencers is growing day by day. The brands now have access to a complete database of content creators. This list can help them to find the creators for their brands in a go without searching each of them separately.

The brands and influencers can connect with each other directly using Sociplex. It is a flexible and straightforward platform without any locking agreements for the creators or brands. Each brand and creator contract is unique made according to their budgets. Sociplex spokesperson Antoine Anderson has said that Sociplex enables brands to utilize someone else’s ‘rabid following’ for promotion and they are excited to create successful business relationships that will last for years to come.

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