Saturn Animation Studios Launches Industry Leading Voice Converter

Kukarella elevates text-to-speech software with user-centric platform

January 20, 2020 (BC, Canada): Saturn Animation Studios has released Kukarella, a first-of-its-kind  text-to-speech converter that features the largest and most diversified library of voices available. Applicable to industries ranging from medicine to screenwriting to education, Kukarella is defining the future of online voice conversion.

Whether medical professionals creating educational videos, screenwriters ensuring their dialogue flows or businesses programming call centre bots, professionals typically find voiceover work to be costly and time-consuming – particularly if the text must be translated into several languages. Current text-to-voice platforms are lackluster, using synthesized – and therefore unrealistic – voices, or requiring users to subscribe to unwanted services. 

Kukarella rises above the competition with a conversion process that takes mere seconds, and pricing that starts at less than $5 per hour of audio. The platform provides users with access to every language and voice in Google, Amazon, Microsoft and IBM’s libraries, amounting to upwards of 270 realistic voices across 55 languages and accents.  “While most online solutions compete with each other to promote speech-generating technologies, Kukarella offers individuals, startups and small businesses access to services that used to be available only to corporations,” said Nazim Ragimov, founder of Saturn Animation Studios. “The best part is, the platform is inexpensive and easy – all the user has to do is click ‘convert’.”

“My goal with Kukarella was to ensure the application was easy to use for everyone,” said Jordan Emslie, developer of the platform. “Whether you’re a blogger, writer, business owner or someone who likes making memes, Kukarella will become your new best friend.”

New users enjoy free translation for the first 500 characters; registered users receive 2,000 free characters. Subscriptions start at less than $5 for one hour of voiceover work. To get started with Kukarella, visit

Data and Market facts: Today, computer voices are becoming more and more realistic. Pauses, sighs, whispers, and other effects which you can add to the computer voices allow them to compete with real voiceover actors. Not surprisingly, text-to-speech industry is expected to more than triple by 2022 (from a current $4 billion to around $15 billion).

“Kukarella is not trying to replace human voice talent with artificial intelligence”, continues Nazim Ragimov, “Our goal is to help creative people, who are trying to take their voiceover process to the next level, to achieve that without breaking their bank accounts.” 

Kukarella was created with support from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP), Innovate BC and UBCO

About Saturn Animation

The company’s focus is on creating mobile applications with augmented reality and AI technologies. One of the new company’s projects is the MessengAR app, which will allow users to send virtual messages anywhere in the world, using Google maps or GPS coordinates.  


Media contact:

Nazim Ragimov
Founder, Saturn Animation Studios
Ph: 250.899.5787

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