FounderGiant is Allowing the First 1000 Members to Get its Lifetime Pro Membership for Free

FounderGiant, the newly launched online platform for co-founders and startups, has been allowing the first 1000 people to get lifestyle pro membership for free. After the spread of the news, a total of 218 co-founders have already registered on this online platform and a total of 18 virtual startups have been looking for co-founders at the present time.

Since it offers a wonderful opportunity to both co-founders and startups to interact with each other, more entrepreneurs are finding it as a suitable platform for getting the right business partners to establish a successful business. A lot of young entrepreneurs have already registered on this online platform and more people are visiting this online platform to register themselves.

The sole purpose of Foundergiant is to facilitate its members to find cofounders and join startups, and it allows them to create a “virtual” startup. Until now, it has not been completely developed and the developers have been working to create “shoutouts” that can add valuable information such as the URL of a business website. All these shoutouts show up on the landing page for every visitor to see it openly.

Across the world, a lot of entrepreneurs have been looking to work with a talented and skilled workforce in order to execute any business idea in the market successfully. And many of them have already started making use of Foundergiant to do so.

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