Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear Offers His Support for Sports Betting Bill and Asks Casinos for More Education Funding

Kentucky governor Andy Beshear has offered his support for sports betting bill in the state and expressed his new demands in the legislature regarding the online gaming. After releasing his statement for the support of the state Rep, Adam Koenig’s proposal, the new governor asked casinos to focus on generating more funding from different casino games to fund the education system in the state.

Even while campaigning for the elections, Andy Beshear expressed his support to bring casinos, sports betting, and similar other gaming platforms in the state on a large scale. The governor highlighted the need to raise the share of funding for education in the state and talked about offering a hike of $2000 to each public school in the state.

With an eye on improving the state’s higher education system, Andy hinted at finding more options to increase the revenue of the state. Regarding this, he mentioned how sports betting can help to generate the required amount of revenue to serve this purpose. He said that in order to pay for 42,000 public school teachers in Kentucky state, the sports betting revenue must generate an annual revenue of $20 million to pay for a quarter of the initiative.

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