More and More People are now Preferring a USB Heat Map for Keeping their Coffee Warm

Heating coffee or tea has become easy nowadays with the USB heat maps. These are rounded heat maps generally used by people to heat their beverages. It is easy to carry and works fast. And it is smaller than the size of a saucer and bigger than the bottom of the cup, fitting the base of the cup properly.

Warm Cups is a popular e-commerce store that is selling USB heat maps around the world. They deliver within 10-22 business days to anywhere across the globe.

The great thing about using a USB Heat Map is that you can take it anywhere. If you are traveling, you can take it with you, and heat your cup by just plugging the USB in to your laptop’s USB portal or to the power bank. You can directly plug it in to a socket as well.

Heat pads are intuitive and turn off after 4 hours. So you won’t have to worry about forgetting to turn it off. These coffee cup warmers can warm your beverages in high-temp and low-temp mode. And its auto shut off function switches off the heat pad after 4 hours of use.

The heat map is of 18 watt. And is usually proper for heating coffee, tea, milk, cocoa, water, etc. It works well with Metal, Ceramic, Enamel, Tile, High Temperature Plastic and etc. But for better insulation and stability, please use a flat bottom cup. It successfully heats the cup fast.

Coffee cup warmers are not only useful but pretty to have as well. They are designed with cartoons, looking stylish and beautiful.

Heat pads are far too sensitive and entire screen can get heated. It is better to use the tempering button to warm up the liquids. It can warm up the liquid temperature to 114-140℉ (45-55℃) or 105-131℉ (40-50℃).

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