Taran Beats looks to get more involved in the International Hip Hop Scene

Jordan Taran aka Taran Beats is looking to get more involved with the international hip hop scene. As of late he’s mainly been working to score placements with hip hop artists in the United States. He’s scored placements with artists in Texas, Minnesota, and Seattle. But an opportunity for Taran has arose that may prove to be crucial in getting his name out internationally.

Taran being a full time college student at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, is going to be able to travel abroad this summer as part of his internship program for his economics degree. While abroad, his main goal is to pursue networking opportunities with his music career and grow his brand onto an international level rather than just a regional level.

Taran did scored a placement with an artist in China this past year saying “it was a weird but cool experience” now he’ll be searching for more placements like that in the coming months. Traveling abroad is an opportunity of a lifetime and it’ll be interesting to see what music career opportunities arise for Taran from this.

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