The New Legislation for Personal Injury Protection is Complicated and Confusing for an Average Consumer

The historically high auto insurance prices in Michigan are expected to fall after a systemic reform bill was signed into law in late May. Moss & Colella, the Michigan personal injury lawyer company, is warning consumers not to buy this initial idea of saving a few hundred dollars up front.

To some degree, many people don’t understand how a consumer is going to know whether he or she can get $50,000 of medical coverage versus $250,000 versus $500,000 versus the current system of unlimited medical coverage for the rest of their life.

Firstly the consumers will need to start educating themselves before picking up the new plan that fits best for them. When the legislation came out, one of the lawyers read it page by page and all of it seemed too complicated for him. The legislation is more than 300 pages and it is doubtful if an average consumer will read it as it is too hard for everyone to understand and it would definitely be confusing for them.

Several lawmakers worked last spring to break a deal with Republican leadership in the legislature to provide Michigan motorists with a menu of options for personal injury protection, or PIP coverage. This new law that takes full effect from July 1, 2020, will let the drivers choose the level of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage they want to carry.

They can keep the unlimited coverage, pick a $500,000 option, a $250,000 choice or a $50,000 option. And this law is only for people on Medicaid whose family members also have health insurance.

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