Users can now Prevent Apps from Accessing Actual GPS Location

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The Android VPN app has been updated by Surfshark with a new GPS spoofing feature. This new update will help users protect their digital privacy and hide their actual GPS location if need be. This new yet optional feature allows the users to shield their online presence from unsolicited tracking by giving them the ability to change their device’s GPS location physically.

Surfshark is the first VPN provider that has added a location spoofing feature to its app. And this is the best VPN provider so far to offer this service. Thus the users will no longer need to download additional third-party apps to prevent unwanted location tracking.

The Cybersecurity adviser at Surfshark, Naomi Hodges explained that the company has decided to add a GPS spoofing feature to its VPN app as most mobile apps fetch location data from device’s GPS to track their users for various purposes. And many times providing access to device’s GPS is a condition to use the app. But in many cases the users do not even know that some apps are tracking them everywhere they go. Thus the location data gets or can be exploited.

So for the privacy conscious people the company has developed a GPS spoofing solution that can enable them to take back control of their privacy, and exercise their right to keep their physical location information only to themselves, Hodges informed.

The users of Surfshark will now have the option to virtually change their actual GPS location by connecting to one of the service’s VPN server locations. Any app that requests access to a user’s physical coordinates will be overridden by the coordinates of the selected VPN server with the GPS spoofing feature activated on their phones.

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