New York based Entrepreneur, Nicholas Filchukov, is Helping Small and Large Businesses Grow Using Social Media Marketing

New York-based entrepreneur, Nicholas Filchukov has been helping small and large businesses grow by making use of social media marketing. The young entrepreneur, who is also popular by the name Filchy, has been emerging as an Instagram influencer and his app Bangerbaddy has got over 5 million active fans on his social media platforms. Nicholas considers patience and determination as the two important elements that help an entrepreneur achieve his target by following his passion in difficult situations.

In his career, he has helped many small and large businesses to make their name with the help of social media marketing. During his college time, he accidentally dived into Instagram marketing and learned the secrets of achieving success through the social media platform. Nicholas Filchukov’s application Bangerbuddy has been gaining immense popularity and it has been seen by over 100 million people on social media.

In addition to helping businesses make their name with the help of social media marketing, he along with his team members sells out live events across the United States with no major talent booked for their events. According to Nicholas Filchukov, every young entrepreneur should think beyond the monotonous 9-5 job routine in order to pursue a unique path in one’s career. Due to the rising popularity of social media marketing, Nicholas Filchukov is making businesses achieve a new landmark by making use of different social media platforms.

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