Adidas Launched a Collection of Sneakers Specially for Star Wars Fans

One of the most popular shoe brands, Adidas, has released a collection of sneakers specifically for Star Wars fans. The shoes are on the theme of Star Wars and the fans can wear their beloved franchise on their feet.

Adidas has collaborated with Star Wars to pay a tribute to franchise’s lightsabers, starships, and characters like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader. Adidas’ new shoes are also perfect for the Basketball game and running purpose. The colors of the shoes are connected with Star Wars’ iconic blues, greys, reds, and greens. These shoes shine in the UV light like a lightsaber.

The shoe brand has also inscribed some prints and details to attract a large number of Star Wars fans towards its collection. The collection of sneakers resemble 80s Star Wars theme because they contain high hops and neon greens. The Star Wars fans can also make their complete look like Star Wars’ characters.

Adidas has also launched a clothing capsule that contains Star Wars-themed Sweatpants, crewnecks and hoodies. Star Wars fans can purchase these products between $70 and $140. According to Josep Vinaixa, the agenda of Adidas behind launching its new range of shoes is to test them for microgravity. Hence it has planned to partner with Star Wars for its virtual microgravity in the international space station.

Basically these shoes are for athletes who look for microgravity options in the sneakers. Such sneakers improve their performance. Adidas keeps testing their shoes on different platforms before making a real launch in the market.

Recently the company has shown concerns regarding the climate and has produced recyclable shoes out of ocean plastics. Adidas and Parley are in long-time partnerships to make products with environment-friendly materials.

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