Sacred Blossom Farm’s Herbal Tea is now Being Preferred by Restaurants in New Hampshire

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Gilmanton based herbal tea producer, Sacred Blossom Farm, is now more approached by restaurants and tea shops to provide their customers with spectacular quality herbal tea. People in large numbers are visiting the restaurants and asking only for Sacred Blossom Farm’s herbal teas.

The herbal tea producer is emerging as a big brand in New Hampshire and other neighboring states. Its top-quality herbal teas come from hand scale farming practices that allow it to provide a fresh quality cup of herbs to the customers.

As Sacred Blossom Farm is producing herbal tea with hand scale farming practices, there is no chance of the use of herbicides or pesticides and flavor additives. People like herbal tea with no extra additives except sacred herbs, flowers, and fruits. The herbal tea from Sacred Blossom Farm is full of rare and healthy herbs on the planet.

Small scale farming and artisan care are the primary characteristics of Sacred Blossom Farm which allow it to create functional, delicious and beautiful herbal teas.

Restaurants and local tea shops are purchasing herbal teas from Sacred Blossom Farm due to poly-cultures in biologically active soils based production. Customers nowadays purchase only those edible products which are produced with minimal fertilizers and irrigation. Sacred Blossom Farm’s herbal tea is completely natural and without any side effects.

Tony D is the owner of Sacred Blossom Farm. He is handling shipping orders and wholesale accounts of more than 50 stores. Tony is bringing new ideas related the herbal teas from mentors, sporadic volunteers, as well as herb experts. Sacred Blossom Farm was founded in 2016 on a rented farm. Within three years of operation, it gained massive popularity for producing the best herbal teas.

Recently, Sacred Blossom Farm won the first place in the People Choice Award herbal tea at the Chicago International Tea Festival.

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