Israel is Experiencing Impressive Growth Rate on Tourist Entries

Central Bureau of Statistics in Israel often publish statistical data for all aspects of life in the country. This time Central Bureau of Statistics published figures regarding tourist entries in the country for the month of November. According to CBS, there were exact 451,200 tourist entries in Israel from across the world in November. These figures are 16% more as compared to the same period of 2018. There were 19,500 tourists in November 2019 that came from the UK.

Central Bureau of statistics has also published the total number of tourist entries in the country from January to November of this year. There are almost 4.2 million tourists recorded for the current year. In the last year’s period from January to November, 3.8 million tourist entries were recorded.

There is an increment of 11 percent this year in tourist entries in the country. Out of the 4.2 million tourist entries in Israel this year, 218,700 came from the UK. There is again an increment of eight percent as compared to the same period in 2018. The country is experiencing a large crowd on all its tourist places.

Yariv Levin is the minister of tourism in Israel. He said that the government is happy after observing the record breaking tourist entries in the country. Israel is expecting to end this year with more than half-million tourist entries.

Israel has been running targeted tourism marketing and successful campaigns for a long time now. The country has gained amazing exposure through its innovative ideas of marketing. This year, the tourism industry in the country has added approximately 21 billion Dollars to the economy.

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