Nordstrom x Nike uses Toronto Based Fashion Brand’s Logo

Nordstrom x Nike has been accused by the public of using a similar logo based on the design of a Toronto based fashion brand, NTAA.Inc. In their statement, the young entrepreneurs have revealed that the fashion brand, Nordstrom x Nike, has been making use of a similar logo to that of the NTAA brand’s logo. Toronto based brand, NTAA has accused Nordstrom x Nike of trademark infringement by using a similar design logo for its brand promotion. Many consumers identified the similarities between the two logos, thereby creating a lot of confusion.

According to young entrepreneurs responsible for the establishment of the NTAA brand, they established their brand in 2015 and registered under the trademark offices USPTO (in the US) and CIPO (in Canada). On the other hand Nordstrom x Nike released 2016 and hasn’t been confirmed trademark registered.

Popular on Instagram as #NTAAWAVE, the fashion brand is a leading global brand corporation and symbol of exclusivity worldwide. It is specialized in movies, music, fashion, cosmetics, and other accessories, it represents a culture that is bold, fearless, and contemporary. The music artist, “YOUNG RY” is signed to the US and Canada based fashion company, N.T.A.A (No talk All Action) Inc.

It delivers glamorous fashion products based on the ideals of no talk all action. It designs, manufactures, and distributes fashion and lifestyle products with its distinctive ‘N’ logo. Since the use of the similar ‘N’ logo by Nordstrom x Nike fashion brand, it has been observed that NTAA has been experiencing faults in its business. This issue has been trending on the social media platforms with the hashtags, #NordstromxNike, #Nordstrom, #NTAAWAVE, #BreakingNews, etc.

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YOUNG RY IG: @younggry

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