GoBrunch is the World’s First Free Platform to Help Users Create Webinars to Learn and Share Knowledge

GoBrunch has become the first free platform across the world to help users create webinars in order to learn and share knowledge on different topics. People from different age-groups have been creating their webinars comprising of 500 people to share, teach, and learn new things on different topics. Due to the increasing popularity of online education, GoBrunch has become popular among people in a very limited time.

Along with granting permission to create webinars up to 500 people without any time limit, GoBrunch also allows people to record and replay their sessions without any difficulty. GoBrunch allows people to create knowledge universe based on live sessions to allow anyone to share, teach or learn anything at any time in a fun, free, and realistic environment.

GoBrunch has made it possible for the audience to engage with other people by bringing real elements to the screen using a different visual approach. One can choose a location and a room layout while creating a webinar on GoBrunch. With GoBrunch, it has become possible for people to attend live meetings and virtual training sessions in order to enhance their knowledge on a particular subject.

GoBrunch not just offers the audience an opportunity to create their live sessions, but it also allows enhancing the social interaction in a customized environment.

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