Carly Nogawski aka Light Travels on Lessons She’s Learned As A Successful Influencer

There is something intriguing about the career of a successful influencer like Carly Nogawski’s. Their lives seem so glamorous, but at the same time so attainable. We’ve all cooked a beautiful meal or put together a super-smart outfit, shared a picture of it on Instagram, and thought to ourselves, “I could be paid to do this.” Taking the step from hobby to career can be scary, but it’s exactly what Carly Nogawski did.

Being an influencer is a new career across the continent. While millennials in LA, like millennials everywhere, reach for their phones first thing in the morning and start scrolling Instagram, they may think more carefully about how much data they are using.

These consumers have switched from purchasing products through traditional forms of advertising, to new forms of marketing. Of these new marketing channels, influencer marketing has become the fastest growing advertising channel that exists. The reason for this, is because many brands are seeing a much higher return on investment from influencer marketing than from any other advertising channel. With that said, Carly has generously shared three lessons she has learned throughout her journey as a travel blogger.

“You can’t go into it initially because you want to make a lot of money.”

In the beginning, you probably will not make any money, and once you start, there will be times when there are no jobs coming in. Carly explains, “I never planned to become an influencer, which I think is important in building a brand on Instagram. At first, I simply loved to document my travels and over time my goal with my brand is to not only share my travels, but to give back and add as much value for my followers as possible. I love making real connections with other travel lovers, and to be able to help people with any of their travel related questions or concerns that they may have”, Carly says.

Only Work With Brands That Align With Your Audience

Carly says that once you start gaining a following, you need to not only know your worth, but not sell out on promotions that don’t fit your brand. Brands spend millions of dollars on advertising every year, so setting a strong price point for promotional posts is extremely important. Furthermore, Carly explained that she often rejects partnerships with brands if it’s for a product or service that doesn’t fit her brand because in the end, her main goal is to continue to add value to her followers. Also, the more targeted the products you promote, the better results you will deliver, which in turn will allow you to increase your rate.

Carly also explains that your content must always be evolving as you continue to grow. For her, she says her niche has been constantly evolving as she has grown through her travels. Initially, she focused on providing travel hacks, tips, and guides; however, moving forward Carly says she wants to strongly focus volunteer travel, as she wants to be able to give back to the beautiful communities she’s been so lucky to visit over the years.

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