Ceylon Steel Corporation Steps Towards Sustainable Production

Nearing its 60th anniversary, Ceylon Steel Corporation Limited finds itself at the summit of the steel industry in the enviable position of a recognised, ISO 14001, sustainable steel producer in Sri Lanka. Leading the plant in its drive to continuously improve is none other than Mr. Nandana Lokuwithana. The UAE based entrepreneur who led the company towards prioritizing the environment and practising sustainable production, is focused on setting benchmarks of excellence in the industry hoping that other will follow suit.

The premises of the factory in Oruwala is adorned with a “green lung” meant to purify the air and drastically reduce the noise of production – mitigating the effects of both air and sound pollution. To testify the levels of air quality, CSCL has arranged for a team to conduct random tests on air samples to check for pollutant tolerance and other elements that could potentially affect life forms within the premises. The factory grounds present high biodiversity with an arboretum of fauna and flora that has flourish in the absence of disruption regularly associated with the steel industry.

Beyond the aesthetics, the plant also utilizes cooling towers which are connected to an equalising pond where it recycles factory water and separates the pollutants before barreling and disposing of them sustainably. The health of the lake, which is regularly monitored for Chemical Oxygen Demand, pH levels, and oil and grease content, appears to be optimal; with no algal bloom and a low level of demand for Biochemical Oxygen.

The installation of state-of-the-art-technology and manufacturing procedures that would optimize energy ensured that raw materials would be maximized, and production would maintain the integrity of the environment by preserving the quality of the air, soil and water.

With this technical know-how and modern approach to production, CSCL has provided Sri Lanka with new opportunities for ensuring sustainability, while systematically improving the course of the local steel industry.

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