People are now Approaching Public Notary, Mihail Florin Gavrila, to get Certifications for Contracts and Deeds

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A notary is a person who has the power to perform certain legal formalities. The power gives them the ability to draw up or certify contracts, deeds, and other documents for use in other jurisdictions. Mihail Florin Gavrila is a public notary in the UK who helps certify documents and deeds.

He is an experienced notary who has undergone legal studies in three jurisdictions. He did studies in England, Republic of Ireland and Romania.

He passed the BAR exams back in 2011, England. And he finally became a lawyer. From a lawyer in 2011, he became an ex officio lawyer in 2013. And from an ex officio, he became a notary in 2016.

He is a certified notary for London notary, after graduating from notary courses at UCL University in London. Also, he completed Notary Training in the Republic of Ireland which allows him to certify in Ireland as well.

He successfully obtained a Diploma in Notary Law and Practice, which was offered by the Institute of Notarial Studies in Ireland.

Another achievement of Michael is in 2014. Michael received a master’s degree from Oxford Brookes University in Legal Practice in Oxford, England. He is successful enough but also humble enough not to boast.

Mihail focuses on his notarial practice. And he offers a complex range of notary services, notary services Romanian language for personal clients, Romanian clients, other nationalities and for companies in England and abroad. In a nutshell,  he caters to the needs of Romanian clients as well as he does English clients.

Mihail works both as a lawyer and as a plaintiff. If you want to get any further details about the services offered by Michael you can contact the Facebook page –

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