Sheriff Bradshaw Helps Provide “Harmony in the Streets” Summer Camp

Summer 2019 presented an exciting opportunity for the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Ric Bradshaw and his agency, along with The Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches organized Harmony in the Streets, a summer camp.

Harmony in the Streets, a free week-long program, works to educate the youth of the community and show them that law enforcement are their friends. Reassuring youth feel safe with law enforcement, the program is designed to encourage effective communication in the future.

Different units of the department, such as the Mounted Unit, K9 Unit, and Corrections Unit, gave presentations to help teach the campers. Sheriff Bradshaw and others worked to inform the youth on how to embrace and appreciate the country’s cultural differences.

The program teaches respect, responsibility and everyday life skills necessary to succeed in school. Campers also had the opportunity to learn how to optimize their free time in a positive manner. Upon graduation, each camper received a Certificate of Completion and a t-shirt.

With over 50 years of law enforcement experience, Sheriff Bradshaw understands the importance of communication between law enforcement and the community. By working to educate children on this, he is helping to ensure the next generation is progressing towards a vibrant, welcoming and safe future.

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