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When you’re on the Gold Coast, you need to know what options that you can have to protect your loved ones, as well as your pool (if you have one) from numerous things that can get into them, and even increase your security. While some people may want just a simple privacy fence around your pool, the bad thing about this is that it doesn’t actually give you the right visibility you need to ensure your family’s safety, or even that of others. Therefore, in this guide we’re going to tell you about the best offerings for glass pool fencing and how you can benefit from it if you’re in QLD Australia.

Why Glass Pool Fencing?

This revolutionary trend was previously only sought after by the upper class, but in recent years just as with other technology trends, it has hit the main market and is becoming more affordable of an option than other means of pool fencing. While it still has a good price tag, in the recent years, it doesn’t compare when it comes to the durability of fence options to protect your pools, and even your children’s and wildlife safety.

In Australia, crocs are no stranger to swimming pools, and if you have a freshwater croc get into your salt-water pool, or vice-versa, you can actually end up with a big mess on your hands. Not only that, but you can keep other pesky pests out, and make sure that nobody can just slip and fall into your swimming pool area.

What Options Do You Have with Glass Pool Fencing?

When it comes to glass pool fencing, you can normally choose between having a framed fence, or a frameless fence. By having a frameless fence, you can have even more visibility than you would without the metal frames attaching panels in the way, and still have a strong and sturdy fence that can withstand numerous elements and weather that often torments the Gold Coast area every year. Even better, but these glass panels that make the pool can even be customized in both thickness and height to increase your chance of keeping invaders out of your pool and property.

Australian Regulations are Important

Believe it or not, all glass panels that are used for pool fencing have to pass quality inspections that make them certified for use in Australia, so they are safe and secure. Having a quality company that specializes in installing these fences is another thing you want to look into, so you aren’t left with all of the responsibilities, not to mention the hassle of installing the panels yourself, and even saving you more money and time in the process, not to mention a ton of research you’d have to do in order to make sure your pool fence meets Australian housing requirements and regulation codes.


The best pool fencing Gold Coast installers that we’ve found is Total Vision Pool Fencing. They have competitive rates, and only offer the finest glass panels and brackets for optimum security and visual clarity.

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