Chinese Shoppers are Adopting Facial Recognition for Cashless Drive

People in China are adopting facial recognition technology during their shopping time. They are visiting the market without cash, cards, wallet, and smartphones. China shoppers, in large numbers, are purchasing goods by just a turn of their heads for facial recognition systems. The country has introduced facial recognition technology for shopping Hence the people in China are finding out various ways to take benefits from it.

China’s mobile payment infrastructure is considered as one of the largest and most advanced in the world. But after the implementation of facial recognition in the payment network, the country is strengthening its roots in the facial recognition payment methods.

It is being rolled out nationwide to make QR codes old fashioned. Customers are purchasing goods by just posing in front of the point of sale machines which are powered with cameras. They can register their faces with the database through the digital payment system and bank account.

Despite the numerous concerns about data security and privacy, people in large numbers are supporting the facial recognition payment. The facial recognition technology is widely being used in different applications such as mobile phones, airports, security forces, and businesses.

Even the adult entertainment industry is benefiting a lot from it by allowing users to find lookalike faces in adult movies. It also helps the industry to curb the copyright and piracy problems.

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