Lebanese Beauty Remy Baghdady is teaching Everyone Some Tips to Maintain a Professional and Personal Life Balance

Remy Baghdady, the Lebanese influencer and public figure, has become a symbol of pride and accomplishment all across the world. She has not just inspired the world with her beauty and athletic body, but she has also been teaching everyone to maintain the right balance between a professional and personal life.

A face model for many international artists and a popular face in many fashion magazines, Remy Baghdady has become a role model for a huge number of people across the world. On social media, her popularity is booming at an exponential rate which one can see by clicking here. Right from her young age to the post-marriage period, Remy has not allowed herself to enter a state of lethargy. And this is evident from her Instagram posts which reflect her strong attitude to maintain herself well even after giving birth to a baby boy, Mathew.

Remy Baghdady is married to Joseph Layous and devotes a proper time for her personal life on a daily basis. She has appeared as a TV guest for Lebanese TV channels such as MBC, LBC, OTV and she participates in Spartan International Races in Kuwait, Dubai & Poland. Even while she was pregnant, she took part in the 16 Km Hannibal obstacle race with obstacles.

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