Social Media Growth Expert Russell Hart is Helping Businesses Increase their Sales

Russell Hart, the social media expert has been making news for his contribution to the growth of many businesses. With his strong command on the understanding of social media marketing, Russell has accomplished a lot as an entrepreneur and working as a social media growth expert. Due to his excellent social media marketing skills, Russell has gained immense popularity across the globe. Many small or big businesses consult him for the growth of their social media channels.

In today’s digital world, social media marketing has become a necessary tool for ensuring the huge growth of businesses. The high level of competition in the market has made it mandatory for everyone to focus on increasing brand awareness, credibility, recognition, and sales. This is only possible with the help of a social media expert like Russell Hart.

As a social media growth expert, Russell Hart has done a wonderful job in his career and enjoy a high number of clients from across the globe. Russell Hart works from his phone and has helped in the growth as well as the management of many large Instagram pages. In the last year, he has visited 15 countries in Europe which played a crucial role in increasing the social media influence of different businesses. 

Russell Hart has worked with his business partners namely Cory Scandalis and Alen Radolovic on a majority of the accounts. Some of the names of the Instagram accounts along with followers are @deepandscary (900k followers), @weirdanimation (2.3 million followers), and @outdoorskie (2.2 million). Due to his excellent work, the Instagram account @deepandscary has witnessed a growth of 460k+ followers in just 9 days and @weirdanimation has seen a hike of 1 million in 3 weeks.

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