SVAKOM Launched New Innovative Products for Male’s Pleasure

SVAKOM attended the 2019 Erofame fair in Germany and introduced a new product for male’s pleasure. It introduced Alex, a powerful masturbation product and impressed the visitors with its high level of innovation. SVAKOM, known for launching excellent products in the erotic industry built new relationships with visitors and found new opportunities to boost its business.

According to a company representative, the 2019 Erofame fair turned out to be the best Erofame for them and it helped the company achieve successful sales targets with the launch of its new product Alex. Earlier this year, the company launched two new products namely, Iris and Siren. However, it is for the first time SVAKOM introduced these new products to Europe. SVAKOM has launched many vibrators for women and this time it has unveiled a masturbating device for male pleasure.

Alex was launched on the second day of the Erofame fair and it has been designed for male’s pleasure. It has a realistic touch, immersive experience and it is built with ultra-soft TPE material from inside. With the introduction of Alex, SVAKOM has brought a change in the male’s pleasure field. An excited visitor and a company representative used the hashtag, #AlexInWankerland to depict a new concept the company has introduced this time. Erofame 2019 not only brought new business opportunities for the company but it opened doors for the company to make new friends in the industry.

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