Shane Morand has been Appointed by Kinesis Monetary System to its Advisory Board

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Global business leader Shane Morand has been appointed by Kinesis Monetary System to its advisory board. Kinesis is the leading gold and silver-based monetary system which is redefining how physical bullion is traded and used as a functional digital currency.

It has introduced a new referral system that is launched by Shane Morand on October 15. The new Kinesis referral system allows sign up for the event and makes it itself possible for people from all over the world.

Shane Morand is the developer of the Four Touch System that is a duplicate sales system for entrepreneurs. This system is widely being used by the world’s leading consumers brands. Shane is also a co-founder of a global coffee company since 2008. He utilized his Four Touch System in this company for its sales force training that resulted in $1 billion in sales in less than five years and is serving over 2.2 million customers in more than 50 countries.

Thomas Coughlin is the CEO of Kinesis Money. He said that the company’s unique Advisory Board invites global visionaries in the Kineses Monetary System mission. The system is continuously expanding and it will be critical to maintaining understanding and truth behind the global consumer base.

Shane Morand is well known for efficacy and influence on a global scale, and the company is looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Shane as a part of the Advisory Board team and the global Kinesis education initiative.

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