With the New Single ‘Whats Up’, C J Green Spreads Positivity

C J Green’s new track stands apart from all the recent released tracks. “Whats Up’ for the positive vibes it has spread and intends spread in future. Contrary to what is injected by creators in their listeners with every song being all about guns, sex, violence and drugs, C J Green has bought a whole new game to the centre by releasing a track that sends out positive message to the world.

Green has always aspired to make meaningful music than feed the mainstream with negativity, something that he has seen in closed quarters while growing up. None of it is visible in his new track that features Derez Deshon in it. Whats Up, the song is all about never getting too big or busy for the people that are close to you.

The singer says that it’s about being there for your family even after all the fame and being busy with work and life. We need to really just making sure that at the end of the day people know that they can call you if they need you. “This life can get crazy and I might not be able to answer the phone every single time but if you text me and your my dog I will ALWAYS hit you back. My verse touches on my past and some of my morals and Derez put his heart on his sleeve on this one,” he adds.

We have no time for people in this day and age. We are not able to see everyone as much as we would like. With his song, C.J Green is pushing for loyalty and friendship. He has recorded his belief that there is no excuse to not be there for someone when they need you even when life goes on with innumerable changes.

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