Sea Hawk Resolves Your Employee Transportation Woes with the inclusion of Revolutionary Technology

With more and more cases of harassment experienced by working professionals at the hands of on-demand cab drivers, several car rental companies have been striving to ensure a safe ride for their customers. However, ensuring safety is easier said than done, which is why Sea Hawk Travels came up with a revolutionary method that eradicates these issues!

How Sea Hawk is using tech to make your employees safer!

To take your employees’ safety woes completely off the table, Sea Hawk has developed a continuous tracking system for each of their vehicles in order to always have accurate information about the movement of vehicles. Furthermore, each vehicle is equipped with a panic button that riders can push anytime they feel unsafe. When you long-press the panic button, a backend team tracks the vehicle and immediately sends backup to the location. Additionally, an instant distress call is sent to the local police so that they too reach the spot quickly.

The basic idea is to bring a level of automation across the process to make it free of any human influences or changes. This made the rider/employee feel safer more by a significant margin. As soon as an employee enters the vehicle, the smartphone attached to the car’s GPS turns on the signal and starts the route to the destination. It only turns off once the rider reaches the location. This makes the complete status of the vehicle live and accessible to the backend team. With real-time routing, live tracking and proper scheduling, Sea Hawk Travels has come up with a solution that will surely make every rider feel safe while in their vehicles.

Ensuring safety with a strong support team!

To strengthen their backend services, Sea Hawk has set up a 24*7 central control room complemented by a QRT (Quick Response Team). This helps make sure that every ride is under surveillance. Apart from efforts to create a strong backend team, they have also stationed 3 mobile back-up cabs  across areas of operation for emergency situations. They work both as a backup for a breakdown and as a response cab for any contingency. The basic idea is to offer safe solutions for every situation as much as possible and make the necessary changes in their work plan.

By being on a constant lookout for innovative technologies in the industry, Sea Hawk Travels is always the first to include novelties in its employee transportation services. Moreover, they recognise that technology cannot always account for human variables, which is why they have also established a rigorous recruitment system to hire drivers. They only hire educated and experienced drivers with a valid driver’s licence. With a stringent technical evaluation & background check in accordance with local/city laws, you will never encounter a glitch in their services at all. They provide proper training to each and every driver to maintain inter-personal relations with the riders. This is the exact reason why the top corporates can trust their services. With an expectation of more funding in the near future, Sea Hawk Travels is looking forward to disrupting the employee transportation service industry by using the latest technologies.

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