Google Launched an Auto Delete History Feature for YouTube and Maps

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Google has launched a few privacy-related tools on its applications namely, Maps and YouTube. The new privacy tools by Google will protect its users’ data by including new ways to use Google apps with incognito Mode. There is also an option to delete data like Location History, searches, and other activities.

Google said in a statement on 2 October that the company is bringing auto delete to YouTube history. Users can set the time period to keep their data for 3 months, 18 months or until they delete it. Data including location history will be controlled by Web App Activity.

Incognito Mode has been proven the most popular privacy control tool ever since its first use with Chrome in 2008. Last year incognito came to YouTube and now it will be rolled out in Google Maps. When the users will turn on Incognito Mode in Maps, the maps activity on that device like places will not be saved to the Google Account and can not be used for personalization of the maps experience.

The same service will be provided for YouTube users. According to web experts, it will not affect YouTube users’ likes and views. But one can still get free YouTube subscribers, likes and views for increasing the rank of their YouTube videos without worrying about the loss of views due to incognito.

Google is going to make users able to delete assistant activity from Google Account in the coming weeks. It can be deleted by saying things like ” Hey Google, delete the last thing I said to you”. Google is also introducing the password checkup feature with one click if a user’s password is weak. All these features on Google account, YouTub and Maps are brought by Google for securing the online privacy of the users.

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