Expanding Elderly Population will take US Home Care Market to $225 Billion in 2024

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In a global survey, it has come to know that the expanding elderly population will contribute to the growth of the US home care market in the coming years. The elderly people in the US are making use of assisted living homes and home care services to spend their old age in a comfortable manner. With the growing prevalence of chronic illnesses, it has become imperative for the US people to opt for home care facilities.

Old age people living alone find it difficult to sustain due to the medical conditions they experience. Elderly people in the US have been making use of home care services and assisted living homes to spend their old age time without any pain. In the year 2016, the US home care market stood at $100 billion which is expected to reach $225 billion by the year 2024. The growing elderly population and the increasing prevalence of chronic illnesses will further contribute to the growth in this sector in the coming years.

The home care services in the US have been making use of artificial intelligence and advanced technologies to provide people with exceptional health care services to people. Amy’s Eden assisted living homes are becoming popular in the US for making available the upscale homes for seniors living in Reno and Carson City, Nevada. The collection of group homes in Reno NV helps to provide exceptional medical services with the help of its dedicated staff. The chronic illnesses in the US will increase significantly in the coming years which will contribute to increasing the demand for the US home care market to a great extent.

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